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How To Make Your Own Draught Excluder – DIY Project

We will soon be entering the winter season, and will all be looking at ways to keep ourselves and our homes warm in the winter. Making your own draught excluder is a great (and cheap!) way of stopping heat from escaping through gaps under doors.

I do love a DIY project and, although I’m a beginner when using a sewing machine, I wanted to have a go at making my own with things I already have at home.

If you’re looking for draught excluder ideas, I’ve got you!

Where should you put draught excluders?

The great thing about making your own is that you can make them to the size that fits your doors or windows. Maybe you have a double-patio door, or maybe sash windows, or your door frame is wider than the average door.

Identifying areas that have a draught and creating a solution will help reduce heat from escaping from your home and could save you money on your heating bills.

What can I use to make a draught excluder?

To be honest, there are so many things you probably already have at home. Old pair of jeans, curtains you no longer need, I’ve even seen one made from a woolly jumper sleeve.

For the stuffing you could use clothing that can’t be donated – socks with holes , clothes with stains (if you have kids, you’ll know what I mean), clothes that are ripped, old pillow padding, bubble wrap, decorative glass beads, plastic packaging.

The idea of a draught excluder is for it to be weighted down. Some use rice or beans for this but I personally am not a fan of using food. However, I prefer to utilise things that I’ve already got lying around the house.

Whatever you use, make sure it’s completely dry.

Can I make an extra long draught excluder for french doors

Of course! You can absolutely make a draught excluder for doors. The great thing about making something yourself is that you can make it any size you want, you don’t have to rely on what you see in the shops.

You’re going to learn how to make a draught excluder.

How you make your own draught excluder heading with an image of a house wrapped in a scarf

How To Make Your Own Draught Excluder – DIY Project

Things you will need

Fabric of your choice

Sewing machine


Measuring tape

Stuffing – whatever you choose, make sure it’s dry.

In addition to this, and if you’re feeling brave you could add your own embellishments at the end.

How to make your draught excluder

  • Measure the width of your door and add an extra inch to each end (e.g. if the width of your door is thirty-three inches add two extra inches – total will be thirty-five inches)
  • Cut three strips in the same with (as the door). One strip will be seven inches wide (five inches plus and extra inch either side. The other two strips will be six inches wide (four inches plus and inch on either side). You should, therefore, have something that looks like this.
three pieces of striped fabric
  • Take two of the smaller pieces, place them face to face and pin along one edge and sew
  • Start pinning everything together and sew and you should end up with a sleeve
  • Sew up one side and cut the corners off. Although, this may be a little fiddly, take your time.
  • Do the same along the opposite end but leave a gap wide enough for your hand.
  • Gather everything you’re going to use for the filling – I got old clothes than can’t be repaired and I wouldn’t donate, bubble wrap, ornamental stones (they were given to me three years ago that I never used), rocks. I’ve also go some old pants (I’m not showing my pants!). Have a root around your home, I’m sure you’ll find loads of things you can use.
  • Start stuffing the draught excluder until it’s full. Top tip – when you start filling, make sure you filled the corners first so they’re not flimsy.
  • You should end up with this. Get a needle and thread and sew up the gap


striped draught excluder at the base of a door

Rather than buying one, you used what you already had in the house, it didn’t cost you anything!

If you’re looking for more easy ways to go green without going broke, you really need to check out this fabulous blog.