What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 3 – The Nile basin

What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 3 – The Nile basin

When I tell people that I’m studying for a degree, they are interested in what I’ve been learning. I’ve done two years so far (another four to go) and my … Continue reading What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 3 – The Nile basin

Is Plastic Recycling Greenwashing?

We all have household bins in our homes and local councils encourage us to recycle to a point where we are shamed for not recycling, especially when it comes to … Continue reading Is Plastic Recycling Greenwashing?

The Big Plastic Count tally sheet
The Big Plastic Count tally sheet

The Big Plastic Count

Last week, I took part in The Big Plastic Count. The founders of this fabulous initiative is Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic asking households to take part investigating how much plastic … Continue reading The Big Plastic Count

Green Blue Peter Badge

I recently had a major proud parent moment. As a child, I absolutely loved watching Blue Peter. I will never forget the best make of all by Anthea Turner, Thunderbirds’ … Continue reading Green Blue Peter Badge

What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 2 – The Arctic

What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 2 – The Arctic

When I tell people that I’m studying for a degree, they are interested in what I’ve been learning. I’ve done two years so far (another four to go) and my … Continue reading What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 2 – The Arctic

Eco-Friendly Menstrual Products – Review

About eighteen months ago, I ditched my pads and tampons for eco-friendly alternatives and I’ve wanted to write a review about them but I’ve always been hesitant. I wasn’t sure … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Menstrual Products – Review

Tree in hand

Planting Trees for the Future

Those of you who are familiar with my blog and follow me on Instagram will know I am a massive advocate for teaching children about the environment so when my … Continue reading Planting Trees for the Future

What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 1 – Our Planet

What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 1 – Our Planet

When I tell people that I’m studying for a degree, they are interested in what I’ve been learning. I’ve done two years so far (another four to go) and my … Continue reading What I’ve Learned So Far – Block 1 – Our Planet

What is Imperfect Environmentalism?

Since I’ve become more aware of my actions and how they affect the environment, I’ve joined many online groups: listening, reading and learning from others. I think it’s important to … Continue reading What is Imperfect Environmentalism?

30-Day Eco Swap Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Since I started my blog, my friends and family have asked me for my opinions on sustainable living and eco swaps. I love that … Continue reading 30-Day Eco Swap Challenge

Will Snow During Winter Be A Thing Of The Past?

Will snow during winter be a thing of the past?

Recently, someone mentioned a story they had heard on the news reporting that, due to climate change, the snow that falls in the UK during the winter may became a thing of the past.

Environmental Awareness Days 2022

Environmental Awareness Days 2022

At the start of 2021, I posted a list of environmental awareness days for 2021 and I received quite a few messages from people who said they found it really helpful and referred back to it throughout the year.

DIY Gift Tags for Christmas

How to repurpose Christmas Cards into gift tags

Most Christmas cards & gift tags can’t be recycled because they contain glitter etc so will be destined for landfill as well as ribbon / string used on gift tags, they can be reused year on year.

Litter Picking At The Beach

Last month, in the UK, the kids were off for a week for half-term. I asked my 6-year-old what she wanted to do and one of the things she asked … Continue reading Litter Picking At The Beach

Eco Discovery Subscription Boxes Coming Soon

I recently wrote a post about the plastic we get when we send or receive gifts from loved ones. More individuals are becoming eco-conscious and want to start changing their … Continue reading Eco Discovery Subscription Boxes Coming Soon

milk bottle

Why should you have your milk delivered?

I’m not sure why milk deliveries disappeared for a decade or so but I’m really glad milk deliveries are back and I hope they are here to stay.

Steps to Sustainable Living in Your Home

I’m in the process of launching something I’m really excited about. A guide called Steps to Sustainable Living in Your Home. Since I started this blog in January 2020, I’ve … Continue reading Steps to Sustainable Living in Your Home

Passiona led us here

7 Quotes For Environmentalists

I call myself an environmentalist and since starting my blog back in January 2020, I have come across many who are doing amazing work and are inspiring. One thing I … Continue reading 7 Quotes For Environmentalists

Unwrap The Plastic Crisis

Buying gifts for loved ones is such a lovely thing to do, for me, seeing a friend or relative open a present I bought them and seeing their face light … Continue reading Unwrap The Plastic Crisis

5 Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps For The Bathroom

There are so many products we use in the bathroom that are encased in plastic and they don’t need to be. The bathroom is the easiest place where you can … Continue reading 5 Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps For The Bathroom

Wild Deodorant – Product Review

As we all are aware, deodorants come in all shapes and sizes but you will have noticed that they come in single-use plastic containers. Not good for the environment. This … Continue reading Wild Deodorant – Product Review

Second hand items image

How Buying Second-Hand Can Save You Money

I love buying second-hand and I’ve easily saved a lot of money by doing this. Don’t believe me? Have a look below and see for yourself! One of the main … Continue reading How Buying Second-Hand Can Save You Money

Coral reefs, also known as rainforests of the sea, play a vital role in the health of the earth's oceans. Your sunscreen may be harming them

How Sunscreen is killing the coral reef

Wearing sunscreen while in the sun in an essential part of healthy skincare, after all, no one wants skin cancer. Have you wondered whether your sunscreen choice is harming the environment?


The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

In 2019, the UK became the first country to declare a climate emergency renewing a sense of urgency to tackle climate change. However, despite this emergency, not much has happened … Continue reading The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill


Why bees are in trouble and what you can do

Bees are one of the most hardest working creatures on our planet, they play a critical role in keeping us alive and I don’t think they get the credit they … Continue reading Why bees are in trouble and what you can do

green heart

Repurpose and reuse – Clear tape plastic core

Have you got things around your home that no longer has a purpose? Do you really need to throw them out or can you use them elsewhere in your home?


Greenwashing – What is it and why it’s a problem

The definition of greenwashing – When a company (and their product) claim they are doing more to protect the environment than they actually are.

Put your non-recycleable here image - TerraCycle - recycling

Recycling in the UK with TerraCycle

Since TerraCycle came to the UK in 2009, its recycling programmes have grown in popularity. The company boasts that 80% of us living in the UK now have a TerraCycle … Continue reading Recycling in the UK with TerraCycle

Going green penny jar

Going Green – How You can Save Money

Going green and making small changes to your lifestyle is a great way to save you money and it’s good for the planet too.

Do it yourself Toilet Bombs

DIY Toilet Cleaner Bomb Recipe

DIY toilet cleaner bombs – Let’s be honest, no one looks forward to cleaning the toilet because it isn’t a fun job but it is one of those jobs that … Continue reading DIY Toilet Cleaner Bomb Recipe

Sustainable home book cover

Sustainable Home – A book review

For Christmas, I was lucky enough to get a copy of Sustainable Home: Practical Projects, Tips and Advice for Maintaining a More Eco-friendly Household by Christine Liu. I really have the best friends!

reduce your Household waste consumption image

Reduce Your Household Waste Consumption

Our consumption has allowed us to create so much household waste that we have become a throw away society and we need to start reducing this.

7 eco-conscious books for children

7 Eco-conscious Books For Children

There’s something really magical about reading and nothing makes me happier than seeing a child with a book in their hand.

Safety Razor

Safety razor – Product Review

Safety razors been around for well over 100 years and I’m glad many people are starting to return to the old way of shaving

Safety Razor

Why Switching to a safety razor is a great choice

Shaving is an area that is incredibly disposable but it’s also one of the simplest eco-friendly swaps you can make.

seasonal food image

9 reasons to eat seasonal food

Eating seasonally focuses on a produce that has been grown, harvested and finally ready for consumption shortly afterwards.

clothes on hangers

Decluttering my clothes

Recently read about the environmental impact ‘fast fashion’ is having on the planet.

clear bubble with forest

Environmental Awareness Days 2021

Everyday there seemed to be an ‘International day of xxx’ or ‘National day of xxx’ and in 2020 there were quite a few that I had missed. So I thought I would do a calendar for 2021.

How I became greener in 2020

Being more active in my consumption, I was able to look at where I can become greener.

plants on a window sill

Air Purifying House Plants

If you are planning to buy a houseplant, please ensure you do your research, especially if you have pets.

Tea word in tea

Ditching tea bags

For someone who has always used tea bags the transition to loose tea wasn’t as smooth as I thought it would be.

Plastic Recycling Symbols

Have you ever looked at a plastic bottle and seen a triangle with number? Ever wondered what they mean?

Reusing Water

During the summer, I hang my washing outside. There’s something really rewarding about being able to dry your clothes outside; they smell fresh and it’s free! However, during the autumn … Continue reading Reusing Water

Plastic in tea bags

Us Brits are tea-lovers. We love our tea; we have it with cakes, biscuits, toast and we can even go to expensive shops to have luxury ‘afternoon tea experience’.

Extinction: The Facts – review

My review on David Attenborough’s documentary that aired on the BBC called Extinction: The Facts.

My Local Zero Waste Shop

Last year, I found out there was a local zero waste shop in my town called Bare Bazaar and I was really excited about it.

Make Your Own Food Mesh Bags

I needed some mesh bags for my shopping but reluctant to buy them brand new. I’ve been trying to buy second-hand where I could and I had an idea.

Goodies from My Garden

Back in March, I wrote a blog called Busy in the garden where I intended to starting planting in the garden.

Green Infrastructure

For those who aren’t familiar with the term ‘green infrastructure’, this term relates to a network of multi-functional green spaces.

Things I No Longer Buy

Over the past year, I’ve become more aware of my carbon footprint which has made me make some changes in my life.

What I did for Plastic Free July 2020

For someone who has been making changes in an effort to reduce plastic use, I am embarrassed to admit I had never heard of Plastic Free July before.

Are we really killing the planet?

Due to human activity, we are accelerating climate change, I believe this to be true.

Carbon Neutral pledges by UK cities

UK Cities pledging to become carbon neutral

The climate has been a long standing issue, however, more recently, this issues has become more urgent and voices (rightly so) have become louder.


How Long Does Plastic Last?

As plastic has been woven into every part of our lives, I’ve made the assumption that majority of the rubbish is likely to be plastic


What’s the issue with Palm Oil?

Over the last few years I’ve seen articles and videos about Palm Oil and how it’s bad for the environment.

Ecobrick overwhelm

Ecobricks are plastic bottles that are filled with plastics that would usually go to landfill because they can’t be recycled. The plastics are cut into small pieces and packed tightly into the plastic bottle.

Homemade Mickey Mouse Cushion

I decided to repurpose an old duvet instead of throwing it out. Here’s what I did…

Say No To Balloons

Releasing balloons like this has a downside, it hurts the environment and wildlife.

Alternatives to Cling Film

If you’re thinking about moving away from cling film, here are some alternatives

Our Plastic Problem

We are familiar with images of where plastic ends up; in rivers, on landfill, in the oceans and wrapped around sea life, but it’s not often we see where it comes from.

Want To Understand Climate Change? Watch these films

Have you wanted to learn more about climate change? Here are some films I would highly recommend.

Can Shopping Receipts Be Recycled

Do you put your supermarket receipts in the recycling? Did you know they can’t be recycled?

The Story of Plastic

The Story of Plastic

The Story of Plastic was aired in the UK on Earth Day 22nd April 2020. A moving film about where plastic ends up and where it begins.

16 Easy Ways To Go Green

Here are 16 easy peasy ways to go green

Will The Coronavirus Make Us Think Differently About Our Food?

Coronavirus has gripped the world, will it make us think differently about our food?

Have we forgotten the fight against single-use plastics due to the coronavirus?

Even though we are in a pandemic, have we forgotten we are still fighting another fight – Single-use plastics!

How to be eco-friendly during a lockdown

We are all isolating at home and using this time could really benefit the environment allowing you to make eco-friendly choices during this lockdown.

The Paddling Pool Water Problem

It’s Easter Weekend and the weather is glorious. The only problem we have is that the corona virus pandemic is stopping us from going about our normal lives. We are … Continue reading The Paddling Pool Water Problem

Strawberry Plants - busy in the garden
Ready for planting with Easy Peasy Greeny

Busy in the garden

I love getting the garden ready for growing food. I’m still a newbie to this

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg – Book Review

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference for Christmas from a friend who knows me very well.

Carbon Calculator

My Carbon Calculator

This was something I was really looking forward to doing and I was curious how high (or low) my carbon footprint was compared to the national average.

Victoria Park Ashford - my first litter pick

My First Litter Pick

My first even litter. It was cold and I couldn’t feel my fingers but it was worth it.

My first blog post

The reason I decided to start a blog is because I’ve been making small changes to my lifestyle in order to go greener. I don’t have the money to get … Continue reading My first blog post

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