The Best DIY Toilet Bomb Recipe – in my Opinion!

Are you looking for the best DIY toilet bomb recipe? I’ve got you covered!

This toilet bomb recipe can help get your cleaning done in no time and they’re easy to make.

When it comes to cleaning, the toilet isn’t always the favourite place to clean but it does need to be cleaned.

Many household cleaners contain nasty toxins that are no good for your health nor the environment.

It’s something I never realised before. I’m mean, why would I? I’ve never looked at the side of the bottle scanning the list of ingredients. I needed. a products to clean something and I will see what’s available.

I bet if you have a look at the ingredients on some of your cleaning products, there will be words that you may not even be able to pronounce, let alone know what they do.

Just breathing in these chemicals can’t be good for our lungs and no one wants to have to wear a full set of PPE when cleaning.

Since I opted for a more eco-friendly way to live, I’ve been looking into ways I can ditch harmful cleaning products in favour of ones that are more sustainable and kinder to the environment (and they could work out cheaper too)

Glass jar with DIY Toilet Bomb Recipe along the top

One of the ways I have achieved this is to create my own toilet bomb recipe.

I even got my happy helper (my daughter) to help me.

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DIY Toilet Bomb Recipe

Here’s what you need for your Toilet Bomb Recipe…

  • 1 cup of Bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/4 cup of Citric Acid
  • Silicone molds ice cube trays (we’ve got various shapes)
  • 30 (ish) drops of essential oil (I chose lavender)
  • Small spray bottle filled with tap water
Two glass cups with Bicarbonate of soda and citric acid and four brown silicone molds for toilet bomb recipe


  • Firstly, mix the bicarb soda and citric acid together in a bowl.
  • Once mixed well, add drops of essential oil and mix well.
  • Spray every so often and keep mixing. You want it to see some of it sticking together but not too much as it will start fizzing.
  • Carefully, spoon the mixture into the molds and ensure you firmly press down so the mixture can compact, if it’s not compacted, it will fall apart.
Brown mold showing two spaces filled
child filling in the molds
brown molds filled with toilet bomb recipe mixture

Once you’ve used up all the mixture, leave them in a dry place to let the set.

I tend to leave it for 24 hours to ensure they are fully set.

mold showing two toilet bombs removed

Place them in an airtight jar.

Here’s a video I made earlier with some happy music

How to use the toilet bombs

When it’s time to clean your toilet, all you have to do is drop one or two of these into your toilet and let them fizz away.

Leave for about five minutes or so and, using your toilet brush, clean your toilet as usual.

Ta da! A clean toilet !

I’d love to know how you get on. If you’re looking for another DIY project, check this one out – How to Make Your Own Draught Excluder.

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