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Environmental Days 2023 UK – September to December

As we’re approaching the last quarter of the year, there are still plenty of Environmental Days left in 2023.

A friend of mine is a primary school teacher and suggested I list the remaining 2023 environmental days. She wanted to include some in her lesson plan for her students ready for the start of the new academic year.

As I said to her – “your wish is my command.”

If you’re thinking about any sustainability events at your school, workplace or community, here are some dates you’ll want to add to your calendar.

Eco Days in September 2023

Secondhand September – 1st September to 30th September 2023

Led by Oxfam, Secondhand September is a campaign where we are encouraged to buy second-hand throughout the month of September.

I’ve written quite a lot about second-hand I’ve made myself and I’ve found some real bargains along the way.

Indeed, sharing your second-hand purchases on social media using the hashtag #SecondhandSeptember is a great way to spread the word and show off your preloved items.

For 2022’s campaign, Oxfam said ‘26,413 people pledged to say yes to less, by buying only second hand throughout September 2022. And 1,300 people shared your #SecondHandSeptember tips and experiences on social. That’s thousands of people consuming less, looking out for people and planet, raising money and awareness to fight climate change and end poverty.’

Organic September – 1st September to 30th September 2023

This campaign is led by the Soil Association working tirelessly to raise awareness of the benefits organic farming brings. Not just for our health but to the climate too. This environmental day is one for the diary.

I’ve recently learned about the devastating effects artificial fertilisers are having on our soils. It’s depleting the nutrients in our healthy soils and eventually won’t be able to grow anything. I remember somewhere in the textbook it said that you can’t grow anything in dirt.

Additionally, they care about the welfare of farm animals and it’s better for us too.

Their Pledge for the Planet ‘Together, our small collective actions add up to make a real difference. Whether we’re supporting local organic farmers and independent shops, growing our own nature-friendly veg at home, or taking steps to reduce our waste, making a pledge for our planet can help to build a more sustainable future’

The Great British Beach Clean – 15th September to 24th September 2023

People at the Beach Picking Up the Trash
Photo by Ron Lach : https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-at-the-beach-picking-up-the-trash-9034669/

Another great environmental day for 2023!

This annual event helps the Marine Conservation Society to raise awareness and brings attention to their important conservation work.

We’ve all seen the images of the awful effects litter has on the oceans and wildlife.

Moreover, litter collected is recorded and their website states ‘Our data has been used to make a positive impact on our ocean – including the introduction of the plastic bag charge, banning microplastics in personal care products, better wet wipe labelling, and supporting a tax on single-use plastic items.’

I’ve taken my daughter litter picking at the beach and I was so astonished at how much rubbish we found.

It’s a great way to get the little ones involved in caring about the environment, they can see they’re making a difference and, besides, who doesn’t want some fresh air in their lungs?

World Dolphin Day – 12th September

I’ve always had a soft spot for dolphins so when I watched a programme a while back where over 1,400 dolphins were killed in one day, I was completely horrified by what I was seeing (link contains graphic images!). I’ll never forget how the water just turned red – it was heartbreaking.

You can sign up to their mailing list to join the movement.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer – 16th September 2023

This is an important environmental day in history of when the the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was adopted in 1987.

‘As the treaty turns 35 on Ozone Day, we will remember how the Montreal Protocol ended one of the biggest threats ever to face humanity as a whole: the depletion of the ozone layer. When the world found out that ozone-depleting gases used in aerosols and cooling were creating a hole in the sky, they came together. They showed that multilateralism and effective global cooperation worked and they phased out these gases. Now the ozone layer is healing, allowing it once again to shield humanity from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.’

I was a child when this was adopted and recall hearing about CFCs and the Ozone Layer. Even as a child, this showed me what global nations can do if they work together for a common goal.

If we’ve worked together before, surely we can do so again?

World Car Free Day – 22nd September 2023

Man and Woman Carrying Toddler
Photo by Caleb Oquendo: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-and-woman-carrying-toddler-3038369/

Led by Living Streets, this day promotes and encourages us to leave the car at home and allow people to experience the roads traffic free.

If you check out their website, there are some examples of how other people travelled that day.

Environmental Days in October 2023

Recycle Week – 16th October – 22nd October 2023

Pile of Covered Books Environmental Days 2023
Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/pile-of-covered-books-159751/

This is Recycle Now‘s Flagship event held every year to promote and encourage recycling up and down the country.

Each year there is a theme and this year’s is ‘The Big Recycling Hunt – focuses on “missed capture”: the items that can be recycled but are commonly missed in the home. ‘

They’re really keen for children to get involved and like to focus on schools to take part. Primary schools in England and Northern Ireland can sign up for the Action Pack Recycling Challenge competition – this is a great way for teachers to get their students involved in recycling. Plus, who doesn’t like a bit of competition?

Their website is packed with a wealth of resources for teachers and community leaders to get the little ones started.

Unblocktober – 1st October to 31st October 2023

Stainless Steel Sink Drainage
Photo by icon0.com: https://www.pexels.com/photo/stainless-steel-sink-drainage-220612/

This month-long campaign aims to create awareness to improve the health of our sewers, drains and seas. This campaign was first launched in 2019 and since then, thousand of Britons have made pledges to change their kitchen and bathroom habits.

So much of what we put down our drains have a wider effect on the environment and their website will help how you can change your habits.

No Disposable Cup day – 4th October 2023

Person Holding Brown Disposable Cup Near Wireless Keyboard Environmental Days 2023
Photo by Gül Işık: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-brown-disposable-cup-near-wireless-keyboard-2255349/

This annual campaign encourages us to refuse a disposable cup and instead use a reusable cup. Disposable cups really are unnecessary and alternatives are so much better for the environment.

Their website states “Daily in the UK we use more than 7 MILLION DISPOSABLE CUPS – 500,000 are dropped on the floor!
UK is one of the worst in the World in disposable cup waste using 2.5 billion cups a year – this would create a pile of disposable cup waste as big as the Albert Hall in London!

We have 4 times more cafes in the UK as there were in 2000. Branded coffee shops have grown from around 600 to nearly 7500 outlets. 
Around half the coffee we drink is from a disposable cup!  
Recycling or compostable cups are not the answer! STOPPING is the answer!

We don’t need to use any disposable cups ever. It is very simple to carry a reusable cup with you. It is also very simple for coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero and Pret to stop serving coffee in disposable cups and make reusable take-away cups more obviously available and cheaper in price.

Or better still, make your own coffee before leaving the house 🙂

Unlike many environmental problems this one is not hard to fix – it can be fixed overnight!”

International Walk to School Month – 1st October to 31st October 2023

Mother on a walk Environmental Days 2023
Photo by Charlie Griffiths: https://www.pexels.com/photo/mother-on-a-walk-11869565/

Living Streets have a month-long campaign to encourage parents and children to walk to school. Promoting travel habits that are better for the environment, awareness for road safety and the joy of exercise, there are may ways to get involved.

In addition to this, it will help improve air quality near the school and ease congestion. Do what you can.

There are some fabulous #WalkToSchoolStories on their website from the UK and around the world

This is an Environmental Day for 2023 that many people can get involved in.

International E-waste Day – 14th October 2023

Initiated by the WEEE Forum, International E-waste Day is to shine a spotlight on the increasing concern surrounding electronic waste and advocate for the conscientious management of e-waste.

Their website states – “This year’s edition will run under the slogan “You can recycle anything with a plug, battery or cable!” highlighting the issue of invisible e-waste – the electronic items that often go unrecognised and are not properly recycled within the appropriate waste stream. While e-waste is often associated with discarded gadgets and devices, a significant amount of electronic waste remains hidden in plain sight.”

I recently wrote a blog about ways to lower your digital carbon footprint, check it out here

Eco Days in November 2023

World Vegan Month – 1st November 2023 – 30th November 2023

Scrabble Tiles in Blue Ceramic Plate
Photo by Vegan Liftz: https://www.pexels.com/photo/scrabble-tiles-in-blue-ceramic-plate-2377164/

Set up by the Vegan Society, World Vegan Month is to celebrated globally to promote and embrace the vegan movement.

Their website has a wealth of advice, tips, recipes so you can take part in their month-long celebration.

National Tree Week 2023 – 25th November 2023 – 3rd December 2023

Green Tree Near Green Plants
Photo by mali maeder: https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-tree-near-green-plants-142497/

Led by the Tree Council, National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration. Each year, thousands come together to plant trees to mark the start of tree planting season.

Their website states “Trees are heroes of nature. They sustain wildlife, create oxygen, purify our air and are absolutely beautiful. National Tree Week is the perfect time to celebrate our trees and remind everyone about all they do. After all, learning more about all the incredible things trees do is an important first step on our journey to a tree-filled future. So, any way you can, whether its sharing the campaign on social media, an email to colleagues, taking part in our competition, or just talking to friends, let’s celebrate our trees!”

Check out their website to see how you get involved in this great Environmental Day for 2023.

December 2023

World Soil Day – 5th December 2023

Held annually on 5th December, World Soil Day focussed on directing awareness towards the significance of fertile soil and championing the sustainable handling of soil assets.

Healthy soil is crucial to food production, biodiversity and intense farming over the decades has depleted a lot of the nutrients needed for food security.

Here’s a great video from the UN website

Source – https://www.un.org/en/observances/world-soil-day

That’s a load of key Environmental Days for 2023 to keep you busy, if you get involved with any of these, do let me know, I’d love to shout about it for you.

A little something else I wanted to share is that my blog is in the Top 15 of the ’15 Best UK Eco Friendly Blogs and Websites’. Woo Hoo!