30-day Eco Swap Challenge

There were some changes I hadn’t even thought about, I can’t believe it’s only £7!

Start living sustainably in the next 30 days without stress or overwhelm

30 Day Eco Swap Challenge

Introducing the revolutionary 30 Day Eco Swap Challenge – your ultimate guide to embracing sustainable living effortlessly!

Are you ready to make a positive impact on the planet without stress, overwhelm, or judgment?

Look no further!

As someone who knows what it’s like to want to live sustainably but didn’t know where to begin, starting out can be overwhelming especially when you don’t want to be caught out by greenwashing.

  • Identify one area a day
  • Includes stats and links to reputable articles for further reading
  • Split over 30 days to reduce overwhelm
  • Adopt good habits to pass on to the next generation

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let me tell you a little secret: It’s not as difficult as you think

The problem is…

Our actions have had a massive impact on the planet and mother earth cannot cope with it. We all can make small changes to our habits to benefit the environment around us.


Unlock 30 incredible ways to live more eco-friendly and sustainable lives with our challenge.

No need to worry about where to start or feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of choices.

Our 30 Day Eco Swap Challenge takes YOU by the hand, providing diverse and innovative ideas to effortlessly integrate sustainability into your daily routine.

From simple switches to game-changing swaps, you’ll explore uncharted territories of eco-friendly living.

Imagine the satisfaction of making sustainable choices effortlessly, knowing you’re actively shaping a greener future. Say goodbye to stress and judgment, as our supportive community empowers you every step of the way. Join our tribe of eco-warriors today and embark on this life-transforming journey!

What will you get?

  • 30 days of eco swaps – you don’t have the headache of deciding what eco swaps to make.
  • Complete in your own time; in one go, a few a week, one day – it’s totally up to you
  • One-off cost – no additional charges
  • Some swaps may save you money in the long run – great for budgeting
  • There are some swaps where you won’t even have to spend a penny – you can still helps the environment
  • Separated per day of 30 days – so it’s easy to navigate
  • Learn new habits to implement and make a difference for the next generation – so you know your changes are making a difference

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to adapt your lifestyle and become a champion of sustainability. Act now, because the fate of our planet is at stake! Embrace the 30 Day Eco Swap Challenge and unlock a world of sustainable living that will leave you inspired, fulfilled, and recognised. Start your sustainable journey today!

For an incredibly low cost

> 30 days of eco swaps – so you don’t have to think about what to change, I’ve taken the headache away for you

> Lifetime access – you can access this whenever you like as life does sometimes get in the way

> Some days you won’t have to spend a penny – great if you’re budgeting

> Learn sustainable habits as you go – you know you’re making a difference

Value price – £37

It’s just – £7

(That’s an 81% discount)

I’m Raakhee and I help busy mums to adopt sustainable living practices for their home and families without stress, overwhelm or judgement

Our individual circumstances are different and we can learn to live sustainably without breaking the bank and judgement from others.

When I first started living sustainably, I tried to do everything in one go and I failed miserably.

I’m living a more sustainable lifestyle and showing my 6-year-old how I do it so it becomes the norm for her. After all, our children will be inheriting the planet from us, let’s pass down what we learn.

Start small, do what you can, build from there

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to implement? I don’t have a lot of money

No it’s not, there are some days where you won’t need to buy anything

How quickly do I get access?

Straight away, as soon as you purchase it, you will get an email with your log in details and you can get started when you’re ready

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for someone like you who cares about the environment and may not have a budget at the moment to buy something new. There are swaps where you don’t need to buy anything at all.

Will it take a long time?

No. The challenge has purposely separated to thirty days. Each day will have information about the eco swap and will take about 5-7 mins to read and how to implement the eco swap.

UK Eco blogger who cares about sustainable living, loves writing about environmental awareness days, Sustainable living ideas, and self-care the eco way – without judgement