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What Are The Best Ways To Reuse Water?

Since I started this blog, I have found more and more ways to reuse water that work for me.

I wrote a blog back in October 2020 about reusing water so I thought I would post an update on other ways I have identified to reuse water.

Previously, I had a condenser dryer in my kitchen. I found this option easier because I didn’t need to have the dryer ‘installed’ into any pipework. It was simply a case of removing the tank when it was full. I was able to water my plants and replace the tank. It allowed me to explore different tumble dryer water uses.

Now that I’ve moved, my new kitchen doesn’t have space for a dryer so this is no longer an option. But that’s OK. I’ve found other ways!

Reusing Water from pasta and potatoes

I read somewhere a while back where people use the leftover water from boiling pasta or potatoes but only if the water is completely cooled down and hasn’t had any seasoning or salt. I do this occasionally but not all the time. I never do this as a substitution to tap/rain water.

Leftover pasta water is full of starch and many gardeners believe this can give your plants a little boost.

If you’re interested in more, here’s a great article for further reading and make your own mind up

Water bottles

My daughter takes a water bottle to school, which she can drink throughout the day. There are quite a few times that she still has some water in it when she gets home so I pour any leftover water in a jug and use that for watering the plants (or put it in the water butt). There’s no point in throwing perfectly good water down the drain.

This is a great way to reuse excess drinking water.

Water Butt

Since I moved house, I have installed water butts in the garden (this was not possible in my old house) and it collects rainwater which I can use to water my outdoor plants during the spring and summer or even wash the car.

The great thing I like about this is that the only expense is the water butt (which is a one-off cost), after that it’s free free free!

Reusing Dehumidifier Water

We had to buy a dehumidifier because there was a damp issue in the new house. Although, the issue has been rectified, the moisture in the wall is still there so we use a dehumidifier to resolve this issue.

The great thing about this that it collects water in the tank which I add to the water butt in the garden so I can reuse the water elsewhere.

I know some people also use a dehumidifier to help dry clothes as dryers can be expensive to run. As they remove excess water from the air, they help with condensation issues, read more here and see if that works for you.

Shower water

I’ve seen people reuse water from the shower but I don’t know how soapy water can affect plants so I personally don’t do this. Although, I have reused shower water for washing the car and it works well for me. Keep a bucket in the shower and once it’s full, reuse that water.

Please share some of your ways of reusing water that work for you.

These are some ideas that work for me but may not work for everyone. Here are my terms & conditions for further reading