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5 Environmental Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You

If you’re looking for Environmental Instagram Accounts to follow? I’ve got you!

Social media has been transformed from its initial role as a mere platform for sharing selfies and images of our furry friends. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, which were primarily linked to casual interactions for our daily lives, have undergone a substantial evolution becoming a way for so many of us to access and share information.

This transformative shift has led to the rise of social media influencers where we can access news, information, opinions, and knowledge, totally transforming the way information flows.

These platforms have become key in local, national and international movements, sharing news and stories from social injustices, fashion trends, and environmental issues. Gone are the days where our information was solely obtained by newspapers, where information was controlled, to uncensored information at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for like-minded environmental accounts, this is the place for you. I follow these accounts myself and I love their content, they’re my kind of people.

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5 Environmental Instagram Accounts to Follow

Emma Reed – @emmareed_writes

Emma is an eco blogger who writes about parenting, travel and lifestyle who had a great following on Instagram.

It started back in 2018 where she made the swap to cloth nappies which led Emma becoming more environmentally conscious. Since then, she’s explored different ways to become environmentally friendly and promotes the benefits of reusable, sharing what she has learned on Instagram.

I highly recommend you check out Emma’s website here

Amber @ecoanxiousmum

Amber is based in Bristol and her Instagram bio reads ‘Trying to live and parent sustainably. Living low waste/ low plastic since Jan ‘23
Vegetarian but also post some vegan recipes 🌱 organic gardening 🍅’

Amber shares about the changes she’s making, easy eco swaps, greenwashing, fashion and how to reduce food waste.

Anne-Marie Bonneau – @Zerowastechef

Anne-Marie is an Award-winning cookbook author and speaker and she’s incredibly passionate about zero-waste. Her feed is filled with how to use leftovers, DIY recipes and up-cycling, ways to reduce waste, and great recipes.

She recently posted a reel on how to turn a newspaper into a compost bin liner, something I have now started doing myself.

Anne-Marie’s website is packed with so much information, have a look

Rada – @ecowithrada

Rada regularly promotes eco-friendly tips and DIY on a budget, which is so important as many of us are living through a cost of living crisis.

You’ll also get a dose of happy eco news which is something we all really need along with low-waste gift ideas, reminders of garden jobs and swaps she has made.

Sam Bentley – @sambentley

Sam lives in Birmingham and regularly posts about happy eco news that you won’t necessarily see on mainstream news.

There is so much negative news about the planet and the good things are often overlooked. Sam also includes sources in his videos so you can look it up if you want to know more.

He’s up to one million followers on Instagram so there’s a real thirst for good news. If you watch his reels, you can feel the passion!

There are so many other accounts to follow on Instagram and it’s easy to find like-minded Environmental Instagram Accounts to connect and learn from. If you’re on Instagram, give me a follow too @easypeasygreeny